I want to say again how amazed I am at the Santa Paula Chamber

“It was so good to chat last week. I want to say again how amazed I am at the Santa Paula Chamber. I remember when the chamber was little more than a social club that would periodically rise to the level of advocate and then plunge back into that ‘social club’ mode when things got difficult. That is not this chamber today!!! The State of the City Lunch was a demonstration of the breadth and depth of the current reach of the chamber. The fact that the multicultural face of the City is represented in the awards, the membership and the look of the downtown is a testament to the hard work that is done day in and day out. The web presence, the coordination engagement and the work of making Santa Paula, all of Santa Paula, part of this organization and how it engages the larger community, county, region, state, United States and World speaks loudly, proudly and makes me, as a close neighbor, the great nephew of a long past council member/mayor and someone who enjoys the museums and amenities of the community frequently welcome the resurgence of the Chamber. I look forward to all the events in which I find time to participate and like the warm welcome that comes from members.”

Bill Bartels