Jack Pitluk


A native of San Antonio Texas, Jack graduated from Menlo College’s School of Business in Menlo Park, CA and, later, while working for Ford Motor Company, performed graduate MBA studies at Pepperdine and the University of Virginia. Jack joined Ford Motor Company’s satellite and defense business initially and lived in Palo Alto, Colorado Springs, Washington DC, and Detroit. Later Jack joined Ford’s automotive business in Detroit where he gained experiences in managing change, growth, and helping solve some of the challenges of customers, and small business owners across the United States. During his time with Ford, Jack held a number of positions with the Ford Finance and Operations teams eventually becoming the Sales and Marketing Controller for the Ford Customer Service Division.

After a brief venture to start a new automotive import company, Jack came to Santa Paula in 2010 to assist at a friend’s silicone manufacturing business, Applied Silicone Corporation, and soon agreed to move permanently to Santa Paula. Jack is responsible for Finance and Administrative activities along with Business Development and Community Relations for Applied Silicone.


Jill Springman

Office Manager